ValueMags on Disconnected BigBelly Cans

ValueMags employees have begun realizing that come of the BigBelly Cans across Chicago have been disconnected. Among other Chicago citizens and employees, they are quite confused. The cans were an innovative idea to start cleaning up the city of Chicago. All of ValueMags employees endorsed the idea. The cans are solar powered. They are powered to crush any garbage that is put into them to optimize the space in the bin. As a result, city employees do not have to go as often to empty them. Additionally, it save money long term with the time and labor put into maintaining disposal bins around the city, by the city.

After doing an inspection this week with ValueMags employees complaining and other city goers complaining, the city found the following: batteries and solar panels were stolen from the bins, they were broken into and therefore did not have locks on them, the bins were not being emptied because the intelligence technology wasn’t there to inform the city to change them. Thus, the city has lost thousands of dollars. Although their idea was innovative, it was not secure and individuals took advantage of that. The city has yet to restore the bins that were damaged. Until then, they need to invest in man labor to circulate and empty the bins by checking them rather than getting a notification.

Chicago used to be a very dirty city. With the help of citizens like ValueMags employees, the city has been able to transform itself into one of the cleanest cities in North America. It is up to the city and surrounding services to help restore the city’s image. Any city wants to maintain a healthy image, especially when they attract a lot of international attention and tourists. For more information about ValueMags, check them out on their new blog!

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