What Are Some Of The Most Serious Types Of Crime

There are s3ome types of murder, such as manslaughter – when the killer had no plans previously prepared or no fault of their own, but they were attacked, or committed the crime due to maltreatment or serious insult by the murdered. This is called an unintentional murder and it is a very common type of crime. If you are interested in knowing more about different types of personal injury crimes, bolandhowe llp will share the most important information with you.

There is also, the so – called mercy killing, at a personal request of the person who is in a serious health condition, especially when the criminal is the mother at birth and due to mental disorders that sometimes occur in this situation, kills their newborn child. For these types of killings are created slightly shorter prison terms – up for eight years of imprisonment.
Incitement to suicide and assisted suicide

This is almost equivalent to murder, and whoever person involved in a suicide helps the victim in this, can face a severe sentence of up to 30 to 40 years in prison. For assisted suicide and guidance on this act in other situations penalties are less severe.
Personal injuries

There are serious and not so serious injuries in the Criminal Code. The limit is not always easy to be established. This largely depends on the medical expertise, but it is considered a crime when there is a harm caused on someone else’s body that endangers their life. There is an even more severe form of this offense – when the person who is being attacked, suffered a permanent and significant damage to an important part of the body that affects their health, or when injured lost the working capacity. In this case, the criminal will be punished with up to eight years in prison, and in the case of death of the victim due to the consequences of the injuries – up to 12 years of imprisonment.

For slight injuries the maximum penalty is one year in prison – three if they have serious consequences. If the injury is not very serious the victim and the criminal can sometimes solve the problem with the help of a mutual agreement.

Other criminal offenses that involve personal injuries

There is a group of criminal offenses for which the perpetrator does not have anything to do with the crime. They are letting the job in the hands of someone they hired so that they can do the whole thing for them. In this case, it is normal that both of these individuals will be punished. For these offenses the punishment depends on the circumstances and consequences, so if when exposed to danger in the death of minors or pregnant women, may be up to 12 years in prison.

In addition, there are other types of crimes against life and body, such as beatings, threats, using some dangerous objects in fight, and in some countries – illegal abortions.


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