Miu Miu Eyeglasses – The Mark of a Fierce, Independent Woman!

As has been stated before, Miu Miu is a brand of accessories only for women. This concentrated approach allows the maximum effort to be put into the designs of the brand’s products to make women feel confident about their individual styles and exhibit unparalleled strength and beauty. Let’s see how that approach and focus plays into the design of the brand’s optical wear.


First, let’s examine the MU 01MV. These eyeglasses feature the Cat-Eye style, which accommodates the curves of heart, square, oval, and round shaped faces very well. The frames are made of acetate to make them lightweight, hypoallergenic, and able to be colored in many different shades and hues. Another notable physical feature is the absence of nose pads in favor of a saddle bridge. The saddle bridge makes these eyeglasses a must-have for pressure sensitive people due to its even distribution of the weight of the frames across the top and sides of the nose. Available colors include Black, Light Havana, and Violet. Prescription lenses can be added for those who need them. Overall, these eyeglasses will work well and look great in a wide variety of situations, ranging from casual wear to business wear to sports wear.

Next, let’s take a look at the MU 08MV. These are rectangularly shaped eyeglasses, which accommodate the contours of oval, round, and rectangular faces very well. As usual, the frames are made of acetate, which makes this model lightweight, all natural and hypoallergenic, and very versatile with its color choices. Additionally, this model boasts clear glass lenses, which promotes great visual acuity and clarity and top tier scratch resistance. Their weight does offset the lightweight acetate frames and they have poor shatter resistance, so exercise caution with glass lenses. In regards to color, tis model boasts a diverse palette with colors such as Black, Blue, Cyclamen, Ivory, Top Black, and Yellow Havana. As always, prescription lenses are available upon request. Overall, the MU 08MV possesses a simple and clear but powerful design that makes it perfect for all kinds of situations, especially for luxurious wear.

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