Installation of Stamped Concrete and Stamped Concrete Overlays

Stamped concrete:

Stamped concrete, also called imprinted or textured concrete, is the concrete that replicates stones like flagstone and slate, brick, tiles and even wood. It is ideal for beautifying the pool decks, courtyards, patios, driveways, and entries. Hence, stamped concrete is the perfect choice for outdoor paving.

Installation of stamped concrete:

Even though stamped concrete is normally faster and more convenient for installing than stone or brick, it’s still a very complicated process which requires the right materials, expertise, tools and jobsite conditions for ensuring a successful outcome. Many steps are involved in this process and the installation crew only has a short time to complete before the fresh concrete starts to harden. Also along with placing and impressing each stamp, they have to broadcast color hardener over the concrete surface and apply a release agent so that stamps won’t stick. More work has to be done after the setting of concrete including installation of joints, doing the detail work, and the application of a sealer. Even before the start of work a good plan and preparation is necessary for making sure that everything runs smoothly. This is very important for the large stamped concrete projects. Visit Stamped Concrete Chilliwack for the successful installation of a stamped concrete.

Stampable concrete overlay:

You can also resurface your boring and plain existing concrete to make it more attractive with a stampable concrete overlay. A stamped overlay provides all the aesthetic benefits of the conventional stamped concrete but it is applied over the existing concrete. Stamped concrete overlays will help you in duplicating the texture and the beauty of natural stone, slate, wood, brick and other materials, all without the fuss of replacing your concrete.

Installation of stampable concrete overlay:

 Stampable overlays are used on existing or new concrete and can also be used on exterior or interior surfaces. They can also be applied to vertical concrete like walls etc. They are particularly popular for refreshing the look of the existing driveways, walkways, pool decks, patios and floors. However, before you opt for a stamped overlay, you should consult a Stamped concrete Abbotsford contractor so it can be successfully resurfaced. If concrete is in a bad shape, and has severe settlement or many cracks, then resurfacing may not be a good option.

Here are some important dos and don’ts to adhere to on every job:

Self- Installation of Stamped Concrete:

It is recommended not to install stamped concrete yourself unless you exactly know what you are in for in the terms of expense and labor. If you are thinking of saving money by not hiring a professional for the job, then you’re only talking about the labor cost. You will still need to buy all the stamping materials and tools, and will have to bear the whole cost of replacing the concrete if the results are not as you expected them to be.


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