Distribution at ValueMags

ValueMags is a marketing and distribution company based out of Chicago that specializes in magazines. Their partnerships with magazine publishers allows them to market and push their magazines on their behalf, distributing them all over the United States. Among the many variables ValueMags has to organize, distribution is the largest. Their marketing department is part in-house and part in partnership with a Canadian firm. Their marketing techniques have been modified yet perfected over the past 10 years. Among the distribution channels that ValueMags can use, they use mail and more recently, the Internet.

When the company first started, distribution of the magazines across the country were quite slow. It could take up to a month before individuals received their magazines. By then, the news they wanted to read about was old news. They had likely already heard about it. In a mission to refine their distribution channels, ValueMags underwent a reorganization and changed certain aspects of their internal distribution handling and their handler. As a result of their increased organization, ValueMags clients were receiving their magazines within a couple of days and were very happy. Although there are some people that will always want to read a print magazine or book, much of the industry is shifting to the digital world. For that reason, ValueMags has a mobile app that delivers free magazine reading online. The innovative idea is contributing to a greener planet while keeping their business alive. ValueMags is a perfect example of a company that has adapted to a new trend and succeeded.

Distribution is one of the most important parts of a company or manufacturing process. Even when it is a service, every aspect of its delivery has to be up to par or surpass the client’s expectations. For that reason, ValueMags has dedicated much of their time, effort, and budget to ensuing clients receive their magazines within a reasonable period of time.

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