6 Secrets to Events that Outperform Your Expectations

For the GWC Valves International company, there are secrets that they need to learn for their events in order to be able to outperform their prospects expectations. The 7 secrets to your events that you plan in order to outperform an individuals expectations include the following points:

  • Set realistic and targeted goals up front

ROI should be something that you plan going into your event and not only after. If you invest something like 4000$ into an event, you want to obviously breakeven and get this money back and also get profits on top of this. That is a good ROI but sometimes company exposure is just as good if you are a smaller company.

  • Include multiple touches in your promotion

You need to be sure people show up to your event therefore use a mix of email, social, PR and other types of paid promotion to generate buzz of the event.

  • Segment your promotions to reach the right audience

Go to an event that has your target audience, for example the GWC company would go to an industrial trade show for heavy duty equipment.

  • Include social media in your event plans

Before the big event, you need to absolutely use social media to promote it and pump your attendees up for your appearance. Use social media sites like Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, Foursquare and event Google+ and begin posting 3 weeks in advance.

  • Be the first to follow-up with attendees and non-attendees alike

Make sure you follow-up as soon as you can so that the conversation is still fresh and you can do this by a lead list qualification, an email follow-up or a lead nurturing and scoring campaign.

  • Base measurement around proving ROI

It is important for every company that hosts events to measure their ROI in order to track how they did and there are three different levels of measurement you can use including good which is a basic progression measurement, better which is the leads by category and the best which is the pipeline measurements.

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